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Having been brought up in a consumer culture, I always find it difficult to believe whatever that was claimed on television (or any form of advertisement), thinking that it had all been exaggerated. But never have I been so glad to be proven wrong!

Clinique's facial soap is the first cleanser that I've found that left my skin feeling clean yet moisturized at the same time. Most cleansers I use either do one or the other (my face is either so clean that it squeaks right after, or it's so well moisturized that I feel like I'll need to wash it again.)

The clarifying lotion was a bit of a shock at the beginning. The smell stings my nostrils a little and makes me tear up, and my skin feels a little numb after I've applied the lotion on it. But whatever doubts I have about this toner is cleared away when I saw the cotton pad that I used. Rather, what is ON the cotton pad. I see tiny blackheads on the cotton. Are toners supposed to do that? I never had one that did.

Then lastly- truth be told, I've never been a fan of moisturizers. They make my skin feel and look oily, as if all the cleansing and toning earlier were for nothing. This one, unfortunately does that too. But considering my overall dislike for moisturizers, I may just be biased.

That said, however, my skin did visibly improve even just after two days. I can't help but wonder how much it can do if I keep up with the routine daily. It was a Godsend, to find a set of products that finally does something for me, though it is a little too expensive at the moment for a student like myself. So here's hoping I win a set in Project Makeover! That should tide me over until I get my first proper paycheck as an university graduate (and purchase a set with my own money)!


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